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Youtube archives, something to enjoy, to inspire,

and hopefully provide role models.

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Poland vs Turkey

Watch Turkey save 5 match points to take the 4th set in this Euro Olympic Qualifier, Wonderful volleyball, huge tension, the crowd on it's feet throughout.

Another match point saved. Meriam Boz won 7 points of the 11 needed in this amazing comeback.

A fabulous advertisment for the game.

Is Nootsara the world's best setter?

Watch Thailand wipe the floor with Turkey in this World Grand Prix event. Thailand's fast combination attack leaves Turkey's block groping for thin air, all orchestrated by amazing setting from Tomkom Nootsara. Whiplash wrists and a built-in compass, she can put the ball anywhere and seems to have a telepathic understanding with her attack.

What does a libero do?

If she's Japan's Sato she leads the passing line, provides short cover for very attack, gets to the powerline in defence, sweeps up behind the block and sets up her own team's attack with bump sets from inside the 3 metre line - oh and she chases and sweeps up impossible loose balls.

How to hit!

The best hitter I ever saw in the flesh was  Cuba's Marea Luis. Only 5ft 7" tall she could easily hit the 3 metre line, had fantastic control, and hit the ball harder than anyone I've ever seen. I've managed to dig out some old footage. The quality isn't great but look really carefully at her action and try to work out where she finds all that power.


Japan are absolute masters of defensive teamwork. Yes they chase everything and never give up - you'll always get amazing rallies in Japan games - but the real secret is in their discipline and the unbelievable speed they get back into defensive shape.

Kids in action

These videos are from the AAU (all American) U11, U12 and U14 national finals. Dip in, watch a few minutes and marvel at the level of skill these kids have reached. Never underestimate what young teenagers can achieve!