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Annual club registration

Registration fee covers Volleyball England registration plus entry in national and local competitions

Club Registration

Club Uniform

Our playing kit is black shorts and a red, white and maroon shirt numbered front between 1 and 20.

We can lend players kit for competitions but if you'd prefer to have a shirt of your own you can order one through the club.

Complete the popups with details of your size and chosen number and click the BUY NOW button to make your payment. Delivery normally takes around 6 weeks.


shirt number

Knee pads

You don't need a lot of expensive equipment  for volleyball and it's not a dangeerous game. However we do recommend kneepads when playing indoors to save bruising and (potentially) worse damage. Best reasonably priced option is the Ruccanor Spike, £9.50 from Sportset - link on right.