Brian Kendall Cup (MVL teams)

Sunday 2 July 2023 11:00

This event is a commemoration of Brian Kendall’s contribution to Merseyside League Volleyball over more than 40 years. It is intended as a tournament to close off the season. It’s a handicap tournament designed to involve as many MVL teams as possible and to give everyone a chance to win a trophy at the end of the season. Wirral will enter two womens teams.

Free entry

A 4v4 beach competition at Crosby Beach (next to Crosby Leisure Centre.


Unfortunately the weather was poor with a stiff breeze and white tops on the waves. Several teams weren’t happy about playing in these conditions so we had to cnacel the main event. A hardier group decided that they’d stay and play on so we were able to run a more restricted mixed tournament with 6 mixed teams. The link below is a report on the event.

Format: mens and womens competitions, all matches of 2 sets to 21 points

Handicap as follows: 

  • teams finishing in the top four of mens or womens division 1 (2022-23 season) start from 0 points
  • teams finishing in the bottom half of mens and womens Division 1 start from 5 points
  • teams from MVL Division 2 start from 10 points