Wirral B vs Hoylake Hurricanes

Monday 27 November 2023 21:00

First match for our B team against Hurricanes at West Kirby. 

Venue: West Kirby Residential School, Meols Drive. CH48 5DH

Start: 8.00pm

Team: Lily Hogan (capt), Lily Broomfield, Verity Wilcox, Helena Hinch, Liv Stewart, Sadie Capstick, Emily Foster

Result: won 3-1, 25-13, 25-10, 20-25, 25-12

Hoylake Hurricanes were, as expected, very weak. Lily Broomfield got us off to a good start with some strong serving, and, although Hurricanes came back a litte, their errors cost them the set 13-25. Hoylake rallied a bit in the second set and were leading 10-6 when Sadie came round to serve and then proceeded to serve out the set 25-10. It wasn’t that Sadie put down 19 devastating serves but that her steady underarm serving exposed the opposition’s problems with passing and serve receive, and our girls were able to sweep up anything that did find it’s way back over the net.

Set 3 was lost to a casual ‘we’ve won this already’ attitude and rotation/system errors, but a bit more concentration brought a comfortable win in set 4, and won the match 3-1. Some useful match practice early in the season with, when possible, some good covering work and attack.

Standout moment - Set 2, Lily Hogan got hold of a great middle hit, it rebounded off their short cover back court player who was trying to get out of the way and looped back over the net into our court where 4 players less than a metre away watched it hit the floor. Sometimes you can be just too good.