U18 Grand Prix

Sunday, 22 October 2023 09:00

We have entered a Wirral U18 team in Volleyball England’s 2023-24 U18g Grand Prix Tier 2. There will be four rounds, two before and two after Christmas. We will be hosting the first round at Woodchurch. 

There were 5 entries Newcastle Staffs A & B, Urmston, Frodsham and Wirral. The competition was be played as a round robin event (league).

Venue: Woodchurch HS

Date/time: October 22nd, 10.00am - 4.30pm

Team: Katie Leppington, Lily Hogan, Lily Broomfield, Lily Prosser, Yanxi Chen, Liv Stewart, Abi Larway, Emily Foster, Kaitlin Ha, Verity Wilcox.

It was a really disappointing day and the worst possible way to start the season. 

Our service receive was dreadful and even when we got the ball our serving was unreliable. It was no surprise we lost heavily to ‘Castle A’ but to end up one set all against the other 3 teams (all weak and inexperienced) was just not acceptable - no cancentration, no cover, no discernable effort. 

We were missing 3 of our strongest players because of the half-term holiday and can only hope that we’ll play much better when we get them back next weekend.