Wirral U16s vs LATs

Sunday 29 January 2023 12:00

MVL WD2 home match vs Latvian women

Venue: Woodchurch Time: 11:00am

Team: Katie Leppington (cap), Eisha Chahal, Imi Newall, Lily Prosser, Abi Larway, Helena Hinch, Kaitlin Ha, Libby Canham

Result: Lost 3-0, 7-25, 22-25, 12-25

Oh dear! Can this be the same team that beat Chester Uni last week? No movement, no service consistency, every kind of error you can think of… An OK but error strewn start got us to 6-5up in the first set, then an increasingly panicky response failed to cope with a constant, steady but unremarkable serve from LATs and we lost 25-7. Got to get better after that, right? Wrong. Strong serving from Abi put us in a better position but the errors just kept on piling up and a winnable second set went down 22-25. Third set back to square one - 12-25. A match best forgotten and hard to understand after the excellent court coverage and fight the team showed last week.