Indoor training restarts

Thursday, 29 April 2021 18:00

At last we can get back to indoor training even though these indoor sessions are restricted to U18s. Sessions will be on Thursdays from 7:00 to 9:00pm at Wirral Grammar Girls and will run from April 29 to June 10 excluding school holidays. 

Cost £4 per session.

Venue address: Wirral Grammar School for Girls, Heath Road, Bebington,Wirral


In order to stay within COVID guidance there are some rules we must follow:

  • maximum of 24 players including a coach and assistant coach
  • keep clothing and possessions separate in sports hall
  • no sharing of food or drinks
  • hand sanitising and ball wiping every half hour
  • limited face to face drills
  • limited number of volleyballs in use
  • and specific to school premisis
    • gloves to be worn to get equipment (post/nets etc) out of store cupboard and while erecting it
    • only club volleyballs, ball carts etc to be used (no school equipment)
    • players to assemble on netball court at rear so they can be let into the hall without going through the school building.