Wirral A vs Wigan Seahawks

Sunday, 21 November 2021 11:00

Wirral A vs Wigan Seahawks

Venue: Woodchurch High School, start time: 11:00am

Team: Beth Douch, Lauren Parker, Lois Watson, Eloise Duncalf, Nina Hofmann, Bethany Conner, Ella Groverall

Result: Wirral A lost by 3 sets to 0, 22-25, 7-25, 21-25

This was a close match, enjoyable, with some long rallies, good hitting and strong serving. Wirral A's improved teamwork was a feature of the match with good movement and passing and some effective scrambling. We lost because of a few errors at critical points.

Our girls were competing well and leading early in the first set until a run of strong opposition serves took 8 points in a row and left us behind. We came back well and game was still close into the 20s (22-24) only to slip away at the end. The team's very weak performance in set two was caused by a line-up error (coaches' fault) and the consequent uncertainty about positions and defence responsibilities, but, restored to a ‘normal’ starting line up we did much better in set three. This time neither side were able to dominate on serve and the lead went back and forth with only a few points separating the teams. Wirral had a useful lead but then lost 5 points on an underarm serve because, despite some good passing, we were unable to find a way to score with Ella penetrating from 5 and three availabe hitters. We almost got back on terms at 19-20 but a series of errors (serving, passing, hitting, blocking) on critical points gave Seahawks the victory.

It was a much better performance than last week against Everton Rhinos, and, on another day our girls could easily have won.